Heroes of Killinchy P.S.!

Mr Currie
Mrs Hanlon (P1H)
DT for Child Protection
Mrs Small (P1S)
Miss Brown (P2BB)
P2 J-S & and Learning Support
Miss McGowan (P2M)
SMT/CLT Foundation
Mrs Connor (P3C)
Mrs Hamilton (P3HB)
P3 Job-Share
Mrs S. Bleakley (P3HB)
P3 Job-Share
Mrs L. Bleakley (P4B)
Mrs Kinnier (P4K)
Miss Finlay (P5F)
Vice-Principal (Numeracy)
Mr Millar (P5M)
Mrs Ryan (P6RA)
P6 Job-Share
Mrs Leckey (P6/7L)
SMT/CLT (Literacy)
Mrs McBride (P7M)
Mrs Corbridge
Learning Support
Mrs Lyons
FS Classroom Asst.
Mrs Pyper
SEN Classroom Asst
Mrs McVeigh
SEN Classroom Asst.
Mrs Dornan
Clerical Officer
Mr McKeag
Building Supervisor
Mrs McDowell
Catering Manager
Ms Baillie
Catering Asst.
Mrs Bingham
Catering Asst.
Mrs McAllister
Catering Asst.
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Board of Governors

Mr B. Taylor (Chair)

Rev. S. Gamble (Vice-Chair)

Mr C. Currie (Principal)

Mrs MA Connor (Staff)

Mrs E. Anderson (Parent)

Mrs N. Cherry (Parent)

Rev. S. Reain-Adair

Miss M. McIlveen MLA

Mr S. McLaughlin

Mrs L. McBride

Mrs Dornan

Clerical Officer