Safeguarding, Welfare & Pastoral Care

Do you know what to do if you have a concern about  a pupil's safety or welfare?

Firstly- you should never feel guilty about this. Pupil safety and well-being is our absolute top priority, above all else. We WANT to hear from you and we WANT to help.

There are members of staff in our school whose specific responsibility it is to handle concerns of this nature; they are:

Mrs Hanlon (P2 & Senior Management): Designated Teacher for Child Protection (DT)

Miss Finlay (P7 & VP):    Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection (DDT)

If you have a concern of any type please do not investigate, simply mention it to either member of staff above and they will know what to do.

If you aren't comfortable with that, you may speak with Mr Currie (Principal) or any other member of staff who will help you.

Safeguarding Policies Portfolio

Safeguarding is more than just 'Child Protection', it encompasses a whole range of areas designed to ensure your child(ren) is/are safe when at school. Since November 2016 we have been working very hard to bring these policies and procedures up-to-date. So far they include:

Child Protection Policy

Pastoral Care Policy

Attendance Policy

Positive Discipline and Anti-Bullying Policies

Acceptable Use of the Internet and Digital Technologies

Social Media Policy

Administration of Medications Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Site Security Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Evacuation and Fire Drills Policy

Internet Filtering Policy

First Aid Policy

All of these can be downloaded from the 'Docs' section of this website.